Mission: To shine a light of hope in African communities riddled with extreme poverty and despair through inspiring and nurturing the human spirit one community at a time.

Vision: Empowering and transforming African communities through educational projects, healthcare, and economic development.

Mission Africa arose from the desire of Mountain View Lutheran Church member Victor Jakpor to return to his native Nigeria to make a difference in the lives of the people in a village from which he had been absent for twenty years.

Victor was raised the son of a Sapele, Nigerian chief who operated a rubber plantation. He insisted that his children receive a good education so he sent Victor to the United States for college. Shortly after Victor arrived in the states, his father died. Though he stayed in the U.S., Victor never forgot his friends, family and countrymen in Nigeria. In the spring of 2006, Christ called to Victor during an ELCA presentation on world hunger at Mountain View. It was time to make a difference in Africa, Mission Africa was born.