Our Work

transforming communities

At Mission Africa, our mission is to transform communities by helping people become more capable and independent. Our projects are designed to help people create momentum that leads to real lasting change. Most of our work focuses on basic needs, education, and community development.

Basic needs are critical for empowering people to improve their quality of life. Without clean water and sanitation, it’s extremely difficult to advance. Children also need access to education to lay the foundation for future problem solving in the community. If you would like to get involved or contribute, check out our events or donate directly.

Clean Water

We focus on the installation of water wells and latrines at over fifty schools in Sapele and surrounding communities. It is our belief that by providing school children with access to clean water and sanitary waste disposal, the quality of education is increased.

School Books

We conduct annual book drives to raise funds to purchase textbooks and various school supplies for students in schools in Sapele. The approximate cost per student for a full set of textbooks and supplies is 25 US dollars. In 2013, we were able to purchase new textbooks, workbooks, and supplies for 228 students at Ewherie Primary School. 


We also build sanitary latrine systems at schools in the Sapele region. With access to clean waste systems, attendance at school increases and keeps children safe from disease. From our fundraising through out this year, we were able to complete the construction of another new toilet at the Ewherie primary school.